Blue Point Long Island NY Landscaping
Design Contractor


Blue Point Long Island Landscape Services offers Full Service Landscaping Design ,
Tree, Bush, Seeding, Sod Plantings, Mason and Designer Paver Block Services

Sod, Plantings

For immediate Green Grass & Colorful Shrubbery throughout your property, American Landscape & Masonary can transform the look and feel of your home & business with our Sod & Planting Services.

Topsoil is ideal for flling in
gullies that develop over time.
Evening out your grass area eliminates water pooling during heavy rains, and makes landcare and mowing easier to maintain.

Mulch is available in various colors and is perfect for filling in area's between shrubs and grass.

Big and Heavy Boulders will never move, perfect for the added touch to your Landscape Layout.

Hydroseeding is used to seed grass on commercial sites,
golf courses, lawns and areas too large, inaccessible or unsuitable for conventional methods.

Stone Gravel in areas where you don't want either grass or shrubs yet want it to blend in with the natural look of your landscape enhancing the beauty of your property.

Holes, gullies, uneven land is hard on the eye and hard to enjoy. Our Grading services level out and fill in uneven property to make it more appealing for both walking, playing and viewing..
Sprinkler Systems

Ensuring your Landscape is properly watered and remains fertile and healthy throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons.



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